Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation Time

I started this blog for a conventional author's reason: I wanted to increase my name recognition and, as with all performers, get some applause. I am also in the midst of rewriting my best novel manuscript. I shelved it 20 years ago because of structural problems which require a lot of thought and work to correct. Since I do not see any more novels in my future, I am now doing what I should have done 20 years ago. Possibly, I have a one-track mind, but I have found that my production on the rewrite has dropped drastically since I started this blog. I can only marvel at those who can not only write but sell their books while maintaining an active blog and socializing within the blog world. My hat is off to them.

I shall leave the blog up as posted. Hopefully, I can complete the rewrite in three months and return to weekly blog postings. I appreciate the comments and page views it has received and thank those of you who have followed it. You may wish to check it in October. I realize that I have been remiss in returning the visits of many of you with your own blogs. I may have more time for that, as well, in October.

Jack Eiden


  1. The temptation to do the same is always there for me. I've been trying to curtail my postings, but don't want to stop completely. The real writing is the important thing and I'm going to be trying to focus more on that over the months to come, but the lure of the blog remains for me. Hopefully I'll achieve some balance.

    Good luck with the rewrite! Hope you get a good-seller on your hands if not a mega-best-seller which would be the preference.

    Have a great summer!

    Tossing It Out

  2. Essentially, I'm telling the stories of 2 immigrants coming into the country on separate tracks whose stories don't merge until chapter 6. I saw it first as a challenge, but I've decided that I'm asking to much of the reader; the lesser drama has to be diminished. I have to throw out a lot of good writing, and that's been my block.

    I wonder how many bloggers have the same problem as you and I? Writing is a lonely craft. Those who can mix in socialization, even by blogging, must use a lot of mental discipline.

    Have fun in Ecuador. If it's like Baja or Costa Rica, you'll be visiting an older, simpler way of life.