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 I offer no certifiable authority for the essays and stories I will be posting to this site other than 80 years - I don't count my first ten - of observing my fellow-Americans through the triumphs and tragedies, good and bad times from the great depression to now; through all the wars from the misnamed "good war" to the present one.

Although I strive for accuracy in my essays, I have never allowed literal truth to stand in the way of a good story, and the reader might suspect some exaggeration in the Recovering story. However, its central theme that writing is an addiction should be considered as valid, at least in my case. I consider that most authors are
harmless unless they get into inventing religions or utopian governmental systems. We haven't had too many doing that in the United States and none who have advocated conversion by the sword or burning at the stake. We did burn a few witches early on in Salem, and that was apparently the result of tales spread by local authors of that day. We might have had more of the dangerous kind, had our evangelists not found it more profitable to weave their talks with God and descriptions of hell fire into revival meetings and television extravaganzas. Tom Paine had to go to France after our Revolution; the market for his inspired, government-overthrowing rhetoric simply dried up.

I have tried to evoke a sense of the time into any of my work that goes back 50 or more years. We weren’t a different people then – I find my fellow Americans to be remarkably consistent over the years – but the period running from the Depression through WWII, the postwar reconstruction, and the early Cold War almost seems like a different age from the present.

Jack Eiden

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